Meet our Staff

You can find us here in Williamstown year-round. Call 413.597.2211 or e-mail to request information or schedule a visit. Throughout the spring and fall, our admission counselors travel the country and world to meet with you in person. Below is a list of who they are and where you might see them.

Photo of Richard Nesbitt
Richard Nesbitt
Director of Admission
Hawaii • Maine • Massachusetts: Boston Area • Maryland: Baltimore Area • New Hampshire • Rhode Island • Vermont
Photo of Elizabeth Creighton
Elizabeth Creighton
Deputy Director of Admission
New York: Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Upstate
Photo of Sulgi Lim
Sulgi Lim
Senior Associate Director of Admission
California: Bay Area • New York: Bronx, Brooklyn
Photo of Barbara Roberston
Barbara Robertson
Associate Director for Campus Programs
California: Santa Barbara and San Diego Areas • Colorado • Delaware • Pennsylvania • Wyoming
Photo of Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez
Associate Director for Diversity Recruitment
Illinois • Maryland • Massachusetts: Boston Area • Virginia • Washington DC • West Virginia
Photo of Misha Garg
Misha Garg
Assistant Director for International Recruitment
International • New York: Long Island • Connecticut
Photo of Adrian Castro
Adrian Castro
Assistant Director of Admission
Arizona • California: Los Angeles Area • New Mexico • Nevada • Texas: El Paso Area
Photo of Eddy Ciobanu
Eddy Ciobanu
Admission Counselor
Alabama • Arkansas • Indiana • Kentucky • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Ohio • Oklahoma • Wisconsin
Photo of Abigail Conyers
Abigail Conyers
Admission Counselor
Alaska • Iowa • Kansas • Massachusetts • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • North Dakota • New York: Westchester County • Oregon • South Dakota • Washington
Photo of Carolina Echinque
Carolina Echenique
Admission Counselor
Florida • Georgia • Idaho • Puerto Rico • Utah
Photo of Laye Samoura
Laye Samoura
Admission Counselor
Louisiana • New Jersey • North Carolina • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas (Excluding El Paso)