Williams students are an incredibly talented, passionate, and diverse group. They are defined as much by their individual perspectives as by the way they come together—with faculty and staff as well—to create a warm, dynamic, surprisingly noncompetitive community.

By the numbers

Our students hail from 46 states and 85 countries. Three-quarters come from outside of New England. We have equal numbers of men and women, and 38 percent are American students of color. Eight percent are international students, and about 15 percent are the first in their families to attend college. Half of all students receive financial aid from the college.

More about who we are, where we come from, and what we do.

Our students would very quickly point out that they’re much more than a bunch of stats. They enrich the classroom and the community with an astonishing array of life experiences, beliefs, perspectives, talents, and interests.

We know that at least as much learning at Williams occurs outside the classroom as it does inside. First-year students live in Entries, groups of 20 to 25 students who are a microcosm of the student body at large. Over the course of that first year, and in the three years that follow, students live together, work together, play together—and as they grow as individuals, together they define the remarkable community that is Williams.