Curious what life is like at Williams? Ask an Eph! The students below are eager to hear from you and answer all of your questions about Williams. Each has unique experiences and perspectives to share—feel free to peruse their bios, or use the filters to the left to search for specific academic interests, graduation year, or home state/country.

Fiona '21

Mount Vernon, OH

Pre-Med Track, Biology, Neuroscience

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  • My most meaningful experience at Williams

    My first college problem set was assigned during the second week of Physical Chemistry, and I was completely
    terrified. Chemistry had never been my strong suit, and I didn’t really know anyone in the class yet. I struggled
    through the problems for most of the week, but still had half of them left the day before the problem set was due.
    On a whim, I messaged a girl I met during the pre-med advising meeting. She quickly called two other girls, and
    we spent the next four hours in a group study room. By the time we were done, I had not only finished the
    problem set, but I understood the concepts that were previously confusing me. I also had three new friends
    who I ended up doing problem sets with every week for the rest of the year. I was amazed by how helpful my
    peers were. Even if one of my friends had already finished their work, they would spend hours helping me if I
    needed them.

  • Activities

    Berkshire Symphony, Chamber Orchestra, Good Question Acapella, board member of ACE (All-Campus Events), Matriculate advising fellow

  • Hobbies

    Hiking, violin, piano, and baking

Kiersten '21

Bedminster, NJ

Computer Science, Biology

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  • My favorite place on campus

    My favorite place on campus are the study spaces in Sawyer Library close to the large windows. As an avid hiker and someone constantly in the awe of the mountains, I love the chance to do my work in a space that reminds me of the beauty of this campus.

  • Activities

    Williams Jazz Ensemble, Williams Wind Ensemble, First Generation Orientation Leader, Club Volleyball, ¡Vive!

  • Hobbies

    Listening to music and hiking

Michael '20

Springfield, MA

English, Biology

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  • My most meaningful experience at Williams

    My most meaningful experience at Williams would have to be my WOOLF trip, a backpacking experience that I participated in as part of first year orientation. Although I loved the school, there was so much going on the first few days that I was unsure where I fit in on campus. After one night with my WOOLF group, I could already tell that I had made the right choice for my orientation program. I met some of my best friends to this day on my WOOLF trip, and it really did help me transition into freshman year. Getting to know a smaller group of people in a much more intimate setting, actually helped me feel more comfortable entering Williams in general. By the time I got back, I was more excited than ever to be a member of the Williams community.

  • Activities

    Working on student video and film projects

  • Hobbies

    Photography, reading, cooking

Luis '21

Phoenix, AZ

Economics, Computer Science

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  • Why I chose Williams

    While visiting Williams during WOW and Previews, one of the things that pushed me towards the Purple Bubble was the desire to celebrate peer accomplishment. At Jamboree, where student groups performed for prospective students, many Williams students attended to support each other. This stood out to me, as it really seemed like students at Williams cared for one another and took time out of their day/work to really be there for each other.

  • Activities

    Treasurer of Vista, Matriculate Advising Fellow, Williamstown Elementary School Reading Buddy, Economics Resource Center Tutor

  • Hobbies

    Basketball, Soccer, FIFA and Fortnite

Eshaan '21

Plainville, MA

Undeclared, Math, Physics

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  • My most meaningful experience at Williams

    One meaningful experience at Williams was during first year orientation. It was one of the first nights of hanging out with my entry, the first year living group at Williams. We were all getting to know each other in a somewhat unfamiliar setting when our Junior Advisors (JAs) decided to take us on a walk. We walked a bit, talked a bit, and eventually got to the road by the soccer field. At this point in the night, the stars were more visible than I’d ever seen them before; it was absolutely beautiful. We decided to sit on the field and observe. In that moment, I felt so close to these 20-something people from all different walks of life, a lot of whom are some of my best friends right now. The intimacy made me forget for just a moment that I was a nervous freshman. I was home.

  • Activities

    Work with elementary school children (K to 3rd grade) through the college’s Center for Learning in Action. Coxswain on the Williams Crew team.

  • Hobbies

    Running, weight lifting, reading