Curious what life is like at Williams? Ask an Eph! The students below are eager to hear from you and answer all of your questions about Williams. Each has unique experiences and perspectives to share—feel free to peruse their bios, or use the filters to the left to search for specific academic interests, graduation year, or home state/country.

Nick '18

Wilton, CT

English, Sociology

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  • Why I chose Williams

    I’m a thinker and doer who needs structure to survive and creative space to thrive. I’m a suburban kid who required a far-from-rude rural awakening. I’m descended from bovines. Facts and fictions aside, Williams was the perfect agar on which to spread myself. At an institution that puts the idiosyncrasies of identity before pomp or pride, I can unabashedly BE myself—and understand that the definition of myself is ever changing. Williams is where I’ve found my best friends, picked up a second major, discovered the joys of the tutorial system, come into my own intellectually and emotionally, and savored the sweetest of iced creams. I chose Williams because everyone here has the right—and the duty—to change Williams for the better. The mountains didn’t necessarily call me in their sun-dappled splendor. It was I who left them a voicemail.

  • Activities

    Junior Advisor (JA) to the Class of 2020, A Capella (Ephlats), Library Committee, English Major Committee

  • Hobbies

    Writing, theatre, racquet sports, traveling, stargazing, tweeting to the void, awards show prognosticating, wearing gingham, sunbathing by the Green River with friends, reading Shakespeare, and eating bisques

Bum Shik '19

Palisades Park, NJ


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  • Why I chose Williams

    So many reasons: the Berkshires, the challenging academics, ability to get to know professors both in and out of the classroom, a racially and socioeconomically diverse community which fosters connection through the small size and rural surroundings to challenge all our beliefs and views about the world, generous financial aid, a community where people actually hold the door for you, and of course the ability and encouragement to explore liberal arts.

  • Activities

    Economics TA, Admission Ambassador, Beekeeping, Economics Student Advisory Committee

  • Hobbies

    Editing Wikipedia articles on economic history and South Korean politics, reading Supreme Court opinions and Congressional Research Service reports, attempting to read and understand Kant in a futile effort

Erica '18

Pittsburgh, PA

Biology, Pre-Vet

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  • Why I chose Williams

    Williams was the perfect combination of liberal arts and research institution—I didn't have to sacrifice one or the other. As an environmental activist and someone dedicated to protecting our natural resources, it was important to me to attend a school where I could both engage the natural surroundings on my own and also know that the institution was doing the most it can to protecting it on an institutional level.

  • Activities

    Biology Research Assistant, Williams Ballroom, ThinkFood, Percussion Ensemble, Intern at Greylock Animal Hospital

  • Hobbies

    Playing percussion, doing NYT puzzles, reading, knitting, watching nature documentaries

Ruairi '20

North Andover, MA

Undeclared, History, Political Science, Sociology

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  • My most meaningful experience at Williams

    In early November of last year, I found myself, as many college students do, sitting in a study room in Hollander at 1 am working on a paper that was due later that week. All of a sudden, I was startled by the door swinging open and I looked up, to my surprise, to see a Campus Security officer standing at the door. Being a paranoid freshman, I tensed up and tried to be as polite and proper as possible because I was terrified I was breaking some rule I didn't know. Then something happened that I never expected. The security officer asked me what I was working on, and I explained to him the prompt of my paper and my thesis. He then told me how insightful my thesis was, sat down in a chair across from me, and began to share his own experience on the subject, which led to a 45-minute discussion about my paper, my origins, my extracurricular interests, and everything in between. It was a wonderful conversation with an unexpected friend, and it is a fond memory that left a lasting impression.

  • Activities

    Sailing, Intern at Williamstown Historical Museum

  • Hobbies

    Sailing, soccer, reading, food, and Netflix

Alison '18

Charlottesville, VA


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  • My favorite place on campus

    Cole Field is hands down my favorite place on campus. On a fall Saturday, you can watch soccer and rugby games with the trees changing color in the mountains—it's absolutely gorgeous. But the best times at Cole Field are actually at night—star-gazing with your friends, telling stories, and staying up late chatting in this serene place.

  • Activities

    Great Ideas Committee, All Campus Entertainment, JV Lacrosse, Berkshire Farms Volunteering, Neighborhood Leadership Team

  • Hobbies

    Traveling, scuba diving, skiing, running, cooking, reading, watching Netflix, and playing solitaire!