Curious what life is like at Williams? Ask an Eph! The students below are eager to hear from you and answer all of your questions about Williams. Each has unique experiences and perspectives to share—feel free to peruse their bios, or use the filters to the left to search for specific academic interests, graduation year, or home state/country.


Zach '21

Nashville, TN

Political Science, Africana Studies

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  • My favorite place on campus

    The 82 Grill has been a core aspect of my Williams experience. From procrastinating with friends, to grabbing a late-night snack on a weekend, to spending hours losing in ping pong, to camping out in a nice spot with headphones in, one factor remains constant: buffalo chicken nachos.

  • Activities

    Tour guide, drummer in the Williams Jazz Repertory Ensemble

  • Hobbies

    Playing drums, guitar, and saxophone (preferably with others!)


Alejandro '21

Rifle, CO

Environmental Studies

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  • Why I chose Williams

    The idea of going to college was just as overwhelming as it was exciting. Well, maybe a little more overwhelming than it was exciting, at least until I came to visit Williams in the fall of my senior year of high school. I felt a kind of support when visiting that I hadn’t realized I needed. Coming to visit felt like a moment of breath. I could feel the sense of community here before I had even applied. I knew this had to be the place.

  • Activities

    Board Member and Dancer : Ritmo Latino Mechanic : Purple Bike Coalition

  • Hobbies

    Backpacking, biking, scrapbooking, cooking


Laura '21

Lake Oswego, OR

Economics, Pre-Med Track

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  • My favorite place on campus

    I love Paresky lawn. It’s the most central area on campus, so I know I’m always going to see someone I know. It makes me so happy to see everyone together having fun and interacting with each other. When it’s warm out, students are outside playing volleyball, sitting on Paresky steps eating together and having a good time. In the winter, the snow covers the lawn, and students go outside to goof around and play in the snow. It’s beautiful. Even when it’s exam time and everyone is stressed, sometimes kids will go outside to take a study break and eat dinner together. It really brightens my day.

  • Activities

    Tour Guide, Photography Club

  • Hobbies

    Photography, listening to music, drawing


William '21

Portland, OR

Undeclared, Statistics

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  • My most meaningful experience at Williams

    By far some of the most meaningful conversations that I have had on campus have come from my friendships with members of the dining staff.

  • Activities

    Varsity Golf Team, Ultimate Frisbee B Team, barista at Goodrich Coffee Bar, Rape and Sexual Assault Network, WOOLF Leader

  • Hobbies

    Racket sports, poetry, architecture

Mary Kate

Mary Kate '19

Locust Valley, NY

English, History

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  • Why I chose Williams

    I decided to attend Williams primarily because of its
    size. I loved the idea of a small college where I would
    get to develop personal relationships with professors
    and study in close knit groups with my peers. I
    expected that I would be able to engage more deeply
    with the material as a result, but I had no idea how
    true that would be. Aside from an incredible tutorial
    which by design involved only myself, one other
    student, and a professor during class sessions, my
    smallest seminar to date contained only four people and
    was one of the most rewarding and engaging classes I
    have ever taken.

  • Activities

    ACE (All Campus Entertainment), Library Committee, Senior Advisory Group for the History Department, Secretary of the Class of 2019, Classroom Helper at WES (Williamstown Elementary School)

  • Hobbies

    Reading, scrapbooking, crafting