Ask An Eph

Curious what life is like at Williams? Ask an Eph! The students below are eager to hear from you and answer all of your questions about Williams. Each has unique experiences and perspectives to share—peruse their bios and feel free to reach out to any or many!

Jordan ’18

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Political Science
Activities: WOOLF Leader, Junior Advisor, NBC (hip-hop dance group), Admission Ambassador
Best thing about Williams: As crazy as it sounds, I think it’s the location—it is what allows people to really connect on campus. The College does a great job of making sure there is plenty to do, and when you aren’t distracted by a city you get to really know your classmates and see how absolutely amazing they are. Plus, coming from Los Angeles, the accessibility of the outdoors blows my mind. I’ve had the opportunity to backpack through the woods, swim in rivers, and hike on Mountain Day, things I would never have been able to do back home.

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Matthew ’17

aae_MatthewHometown: London, England
Majors: Math and Economics
Activities: Admission Tour Guide, Junior Varsity Soccer, Williams College Radio (WCFM) DJ
Best thing about Williams: Waking up here every morning. Whether I am in an astronomy class looking at sunspots with a telescope, or I am playing soccer surrounded by fall colors, or staying up too late having debates with my friends, I never feel like a second of the day is wasted. I am always being challenged by, and always learning from, this special community. At the same time, I feel supported and cared for by fellow students and professors alike. These are some of the many aspects of Williams that didn’t appear to me in any College Guide, yet have proven to be some of the most valuable factors in making me happy here at Williams.

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Audrey ’17

Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Majors: Economics and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Activities: Varsity Soccer, RASAN co-coordinator, Learning Intervention for Teens coordinator, Queer Student Union, Admission Tour Guide
Best thing about Williams: The balance between being challenged every day by new ideas, opinions, and coursework and the overwhelming support I receive from classmates, friends, professors, and the community in general. I feel equally challenged and supported in everything I do and I think that combination has allowed for more growth than I could have imagined before I started here.

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 Jad ’19

Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Prospective Majors: Economics and Statistics
Activities: Admission Tour Guide, Psychology Research Assistant, Representative for Freshman Council, WOOLF Leader, Teaching Assistant for Mathematics/Statistics, Williams College Debate Union
Best thing about Williams: The people. As a Williams student, I am so privileged to study in an environment with such brilliant, creative, and engaging students, professors, and staff, and it speaks wonders about the quality of education students get here. It is the students—the people you debate, philosophize with, and struggle through the problem sets with—that make the Williams academic experience. Williams is so collaborative, open, and welcoming that it truly changes how you view the world. And I believe it is because of the radically different experiences we all have, the multitude of places that we all come from, and the powerful and inspiring ideas of everyone around that makes Williams such a great place.

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 Jilly ’17

jilly-croppedHometown: Seoul, Korea
Majors: Math and Psychology
Activities: Williams Christian Fellowship, Dance Dhamaka (Bollywood dance team), Psychology Research Assistant, former Junior Advisor
Best thing about Williams: I love the sense of belonging I have at Williams with my friends, my freshmen and my co-JA from last year, my professors, and the staff members who know me. Here I have a place in multiple communities—in my dance group, the Christian Fellowship, the group of senior math and psychology majors, and my entry, among others. Some of my best times at Williams have been the times spent with these people in these places, and as a senior looking back, it’s really exciting to see how the conversations and experience with them over the years have helped me learn and grow.

Neftaly ’19

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Majors: Art History and French, Latina/o Studies Concentration
Activities: Admission Ambassador, WCMA Museum Host, Williamstown Elementary Tutor, Social Activities Coordinator for Vista (Latinx Student Organization)
Best thing about Williams: The community. A born and bred Chicagoan, I was incredibly anxious about moving to the Berkshires and missing out on the adventures of the city. However, I have found that adventures are so much more meaningful with people who respect, support, and challenge you. With my peers, professors, and even the dining staff, I feel comfortable engaging in my own interests and exploring new ones because I know that I am never alone.

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Chris ’19

Chris_AAEHometown: San Marino, California
Majors: Psychology and English
Activities: Men’s Rugby, All Musicians Alliance, WCFM DJ, Men for Consent, Admission Tour Guide, WOOLF Leader, Research Assistant in Psychology Lab
Best thing about Williams: The unlimited support. At a lot of elite institutions, the competitive atmosphere and the abundance of hyper-talented students can leave one feeling intimidated and insignificant. What makes Williams so brilliant is that while everyone is passionate about their own pursuits, they’re equally invested and supportive of those around them. Everybody celebrates everyone’s respective talents, so there is no reason to feel that you are competing with your peers. Instead, everyone is enthusiastic about being at a place where there are so many opportunities to dive into what they love.

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Olaide ’19

Hometown: New York, NY
Expected Majors: Comparative Literature and Political Science, Africana Studies Concentration
Activities: Admission Tour Guide, Black Student Union Board, Minority Coalition, Sankofa (Step Team), WOOLF Leader
Best thing about Williams: The people here are really incredible! Through my entry and the activities I do on campus, I’ve been able to meet so many kind, brilliant, funny, and truly talented people. The depth of the student body amazes me everyday—I have friends who are beekeepers, tree climbers, harp players, and filmmakers. I’m in awe of the talent and passion that surrounds me here!

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Jason (Bum Shik) ’19

Bum ShikHometown: Palisades Park, NJ
Expected Majors: Economics and Philosophy
Activities: Economics TA, Admission Ambassador, Law Journal, Beekeeping, Economics Student Advisory Committee
Best Thing About Williams: The community without a doubt. Whether it’s seeking advice from my JAs, late night talks in Paresky with friends over fried green beans, or the faculty who have taken the time to get to know me over office hours or lunch, every day I feel humbled by and grateful for the incredibly talented and diverse personalities on campus.