Transfer Applicants

Because so few students choose to leave Williams prior to graduating, we have relatively few places available for transfer candidates. Please see the chart below for a four-year history of transfer applicants.

Year of Entry at Williams Number of Transfer Applications Number of Transfer Admissions
2017 275 13
2016 226 12
2015 258 2
2014 216 13

Transfer students must enroll at Williams for a minimum of two years. Students are not eligible for admission if they have already received a bachelor’s degree or if they have completed more than two years of full-time college coursework at a four-year college or university.

Transfer Application Timeline:

  • Standardized Testing Deadline: March
  • Application Deadline: April 1
  • Admission Decision by: May 15
  • Student Reply Date: June 1

Application Requirements for Transfer Applicants

Optional Application Material

  • Williams Writing Supplement
  • Scientific Research Abstracts
    If you have pursued significant scientific or mathematics research and are considering a research or academic career, we welcome brief descriptions of your work. Materials can be submitted via your application or by email.

*Please note that Williams does NOT use interviews in our admission process. While we are happy to speak with rising high school seniors during the summer, these conversations are entirely non-evaluative and play NO role in our admission decisions.